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Meet the Team

What is the team behind The Science Page?


Rafaela Pires
Founder and Manager

Hello students,

First of all, thank you for visiting our page! You are all very welcome here. My name is Rafaela Pires, and I am the founder of this initiative - I am a freshman high school student of the British School of Rio de Janeiro. I have always been an avid learner of science, although I have undergone many difficulties while studying KS3 content at school. I found myself lost and directionless in my studies, therefore after I completed the course, I decided to create a "base" for the newer generations of Ks3 learners - a solid page where students could easily find the best orientation and resources in order to study science in their schools. In addition, the project has the purpose of connecting students from our community and beyond to share the understanding and enjoyment of humanity’s world of knowledge. As top students, in this page we propagate the 3 key ideas which we believe work the best while studying - admiration, understanding and freedom. The admiration that will keep you going, the freedom of learning new things and the understanding that you are always learning. With all this in mind, we truly hope that our page helps with your studies as well as helps you develop a likeness for science if you haven't yet. Make good use of The Science Page, and always remember to be skeptical! 

Here's my personal email in case you need it:

Matilde Leandro

Hi guys! 


My name is Matilde Leandro; I am currently a GCSE/KS4 student at Francis Holland school, London. From a young age, science has always engrossed me; therefore, after understanding the purpose of this initiative, I was instantly intrigued to help out, as I always encountered difficulties trying to find thorough online sources for my work. I am super rhapsodic to join this formidable initiative alongside Rafaela and can’t wait to share my infatuation for science!

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Kefei Wu

Hey everyone,


I’m Kefei, and I’m currently a sophomore at The Peddie School in New Jersey! I’m really excited to share my passion for science (and for STEM at large) with you all. The impact that science has on our daily lives is insurmountable — every interaction, every occurrence is rooted in scientific principle. It makes science so worth it to study and delve into! 


I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to make your scientific journey just a little less frustrating, and a little more understandable.

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