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Frequently Asked Questions

How long did it take to build the website and who built it?

It took about 4 months to make the website, with many inconsistencies. Its organisation was realised by Rafaela Pires with IT help; the website was designed by Gabriela Linhares and built by Rafaela Pires.

Do you have any ideas for future projects?

Currently, we are focusing on expanding our website and creating more videos and interactive content for you through our platforms (Instagram, TikTok and YouTube). We also have future plans on hosting a science fair through The Science Club; we will make sure to update you when the time comes!

What challenges did you encounter when building the project?

Our first challenge with making The Science Page real was inconsistency. It was clear that, from the start, building this project was not going to be simple, let alone easy; a lot of initiative was required to get it started and keep it going. Along the way, we had different members who were leading the project, but they committed to great responsibilities which were not fulfilled. Some abandoned the project unexpectedly, leaving it in an unstable position, but we quickly resumed the building of the project. However, we lost time that could have been invested on other branches of The Science Page. 

Our second challenge with making The Science Page real was establishing its connection to our home school. We had a crucial decision to make right before releasing the project; create the website again on another platform, which would be restricted solely to the school's students; or detach the project from the school, due to the school's policies. As one of the project's main initial goals was to make The Science Page accessible to the world, we chose the second option. Nonetheless, we are still receiving a lot of support from the school, so thank you!

How old are the members of The Science Page? How was the project born? 

All members are 16 years old as of September 2022.


The Science Page was initially a school club proposal as a variation of STEM, including a more creative, abstract and philosophical branch. However, the STEM club was claimed to have already been existent when we proposed our idea to the department (this happened on April 2021). As the concept was too similar to the existing club, we, (Rafaela Pires and Mariano Pucciarelli) had the initial help of the department to start off a new project of our own. Through many meetings, the idea of creating The Science Page was consolidated. You can check out more about the project's main aims and objectives through the website's Home Page! Our personal goals with the project were elaborated on the "Meet The Team" section of the website. 

Our team answered a few questions which were asked about our page.

First of all - thank you for the questions, and please keep sending them!

We will be answering all of them here. Our email for contact is:

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