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The Science Page

Excellence is achieved by strengthening foundation.

This website is meant for students of all ages but has KS3 and (I)GCSE focused content.


About The Page

Our Aims

This project was founded by one keen student built upon a desire to propagate the full understanding of science for maturing students and guarantee excellence on the subject. Here is a safe space where guidance on the shaping of your science foundation and understanding is provided at all times. 


I came up with this project because I believe that many students don't like science because it is hard, and I acknowledge the struggle and effort it takes to fully grasp scientific concepts - but that is why we are here to help you. Here you will find the best videos, tips, curiosities and resources on the study of the three General Science topics: Physics, Biology and Chemistry made by top students to make science enjoyable and avoid a hard time. 


Once you truly understand the reasoning behind human scientific knowledge, how to apply it and what it is for, you will not want another life. Feel free to come back to our page anytime, and consider it your study home!

- Rafaela Pires, 

Founder of The Science Page

A* in Biology, Chemistry and Physics IGCSE

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